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Christiane loves books! So much so that even as a young girl she dreamt of making them. This ambition led her to pursue academic studies in Art History. During her tenure at a publishing house, Christiane gained in-depth professional experience as a consultant for specialist publications. And after finishing her PhD studies, she completed professional training to become a Multimedia Developer. During this time, digital media was growing in significance, and digital and interactive products were appearing on the market with increasing frequency. The World Wide Web was also picking up steam.

Following this trend, Christiane founded Media in Context in 1993. The company is specialized in the transfer of media content from English into German. In the world of digital media, the technical term for this is Localization.

During the company’s first 20 years, its focus was primarily on software products published on CD-ROM, DVD and increasingly online. Perhaps the best known among these is the first version of the Parallels Desktop for Mac software for running Windows on an Apple Macintosh. Shortly after its localization, the German version of the product went on to sell 1 million copies!

For several years now, Christiane has focused on the translation and editing of TV Documentaries. The range of topics here includes historical, scientific and social subjects as well as art and current politics.

When translating, she strives to create a pleasant-sounding German localization while also thoroughly reviewing the original source content for accuracy. During this process, each statement of key information is analyzed, and corrected or adjusted if necessary.

Christiane says that her collaboration with subject-matter experts in a variety of content areas makes her work particularly exciting, and it allows her to broaden her horizons each and every day.

Below you can find a brief selection of completed projects.


TV Documentaries

  • Time Scanners – Geheimnisse in 3D – Die Pyramiden
  • Geheimnis Angkor – Ursprünge einer Megastadt
  • Superbauten des Mittelalters – Kathedralen
  • Trumps Weg an die Macht
  • Die Trumps – Aus der Pfalz ins Weiße Haus
  • Trumps Klima-Krieg – Amerikas neue Umweltpolitik
  • Die Apokalypse der Neandertaler (2 Folgen)
  • Mohammed – Der Prophet (3 Folgen)
  • Zwillinge – Die Macht der Gene (2 Folgen)
  • Das Geheimnis der Knochen (3 Folgen)
  • Die gespaltenen Staaten von Amerika (2 Folgen)
  • Special Air Service – Englands geheime Krieger (4 Folgen)
  • Die Vergessenen von Guantanamo – Häftling im Terrorknast
  • The true story of Madonna
  • Rätselhafte Tote (6 Folgen)
  • Mao und die große Hungersnot
  • Mythen-Jäger (10 Folgen)
  • Amerikas Krieger – Die Macht der Waffenlobby
  • Mubaraks Ägypten (2 Folgen)
  • Geheimnisse, Politik und Folter – Die entfesselte CIA
  • Paris – Tage des Terrors – Der Anschlag auf Charlie Hebdo
  • In Ruhe sterben – Plädoyer für ein besseres Ende
  • American Terrorist – Vom Versagen der Geheimdienste
  • Gefährliche Pillen – Das Geschäft mit Vitaminen & Co.
  • Netanyahu at War – Der Nahostkonflikt und die USA
  • Die Bin Laden-Verschwörung – Wie starb der Top-Terrorist wirklich?
  • Die geheime Geschichte des IS – Amerikas Fehler in Nahost
  • Cops außer Kontrolle – Amerikas Kampf gegen Polizeigewalt
  • Europa und der Holocaust (11 Folgen)
  • Supermenschen – Cyborgs erobern die Welt
  • Aufgedeckt: Rätsel der Geschichte (4 Folgen)
  • Knast in den USA: Zweite Chance statt lebenslänglich
  • Armut, Politik und Profit – Wohnungsnot in den USA
  • Hightech-Gangster (6 Folgen)
  • Amerika vor Kolumbus (4 Folgen)
  • Massengrab Myanmar – Das Schicksal der Rohingya
  • Amerikas neue Nazis – Aufmarsch in Charlottesville
  • Kinder in Käfigen – Trumps Flüchtlingspolitik
  • Amerikas verzockte Renten – Vom Staatsdienst in die Armut

and many more

Software Localization

  • Parallels Desktop for Mac
  • Architekt 3D
  • InPixio Photo products
  • 4Team products
  • Stellar products
  • Apple Training
  • Microsoft e-Academy
  • VMware Schulungen
  • Driver Genius
  • Fix-It
  • Mac Data Recovery
  • OneSafe Product Suite
  • Power Translator
  • Smart PC Cleaner
  • System Mechanic
  • iolo Product Suite
  • Learning Guide for MS Office 2010
  • Kinderspiele
  • Anne Frank Haus
  • Europa
  • Bodyworks
  • Sprache der Natur
  • Perfect Image
  • Mac Drive Toolbox for Mac
  • Print Artist
  • Fußball Manager
  • Power Desk

and many more


If you wish to know more about our services, please use the contact form or call us at: +49-221-9361800

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“Very well translated - a smart, comprehensible and linguistically impressive work. A big thank you to the author!”

Redaktion ZDFinfo


“I find the German translation sounds elegant and often better than the original. This will be highly appreciated by the viewers.”

Prof. Gordon Whittaker, Georg-August Universität Göttingen


“We are all very impressed with the quality of your work. We wish you could translate into 26 languages.”

Sophia Turki, Avanquest